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At age five, my family discovered that I and my brothers had a problem with my sight. I didn’t know what that meant as I lost my sight gradually over many years. My family has always been loving and caring, and compensating for many things I found difficult to do. Looking back, I experienced social, attitudinal and physical barriers, and unconscious bias which I was experiencing as well as the loss of sight. This made me who I am today. I don’t readily accept “No as an option,”  and I am always keen to find a way to solve any challenge.


I’ve been working in Marketing, IT and more recently in Inclusive Design. I work for a fantastic supportive global organisation called Proctor & Gamble. Recently I launched tactile markings on the Herbal Essences brand to enable blind people to tell the difference between shampoo and conditioner by touch. 


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I am very blessed with a fantastic family. My husband Joe and three children— Adam, Aisha and Ayman—make me happy every day!

Sumaira Latif
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